Franz 5

One desktop app for (almost) all of your messaging apps

Franz is your open source messaging app for �WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack, HipChat, �Telegram and many many more.

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Hey @milann thanks for hunting! ✌️ Product Hunt! After a turbulent journey, I'm super excited to be back with Franz 5. With the help of the amazing Franz community we did a complete rewrite of Franz 5 and added a lot of exciting and shiny new things like the Account synchronization, a Service Marketplace and many many more. This for example allows us things like new services and service updates on a daily basis. Stay tuned as we will add a lot of new features in the upcoming days, weeks and months. 🎉
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@milann @smalzner I think I speak for everyone when I say that I thought you were done with this product. Awesome to see you back!
@smalzner thanks for keeping working on product. Excited to see the new features.
@milann @smalzner since you have Trello, please add Asana too
@milann @smalzner I thought the product was slowly dying ! The king is dead, long live the king 🙌
@milann @smalzner Nice comeback! Congrats on Releasing Version 5!
One of my most useful tools on the mac 💻, I always recommend it when I see people struggle with all the web messaging interfaces of social messaging apps. Just open it all at once, and close it when you want to get some work done. In a way, it's a lifehack on it's own ha ha ha! 😅 Except from some visual improvements on the interface, Franz 5, is (finally!) open source. The source code is available on Github under the Apache 2 License. You are more than welcome to file file bugs, create feature requests or support the project in general 👉 Also, Franz 5 offers built in service synchronizations and is coming soon with VPN/Proxy and team management support. Great job @smalzner with shipping awesomeness! Also, during MOVEMBER! What are you asking the community to bring or contribute to this great new release?
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@milann thanks again for hunting! That is a great question. The most valuable thing right now is our users opinion and their ideas. The community also supports the project in so many amazing ways like translating the app (, Fixing bugs ( or just helping other users ( I'm looking forward to get in touch with you!

No real cons, but the migration was a bit disappointing. All my logins were gone and I had to re-authenticate with each service, which with 2FA on is quite a hassle. So if Franz 5 Final could keep the previous auth tokens/cookies, it would make the upgrade smoother.


One single place for all my messaging



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This is definitely something that needs to be improved in the future. Thanks for bringing this up.

Though Franz has been great, Station can still be considered as one of the strongest competitors, but I still think Franz is striking a better balance: what you need is all at your hand and what you may not or don't is just not in sight. Station indeed provides more options (such as keeping multiple Slack accounts online simultaneously) but personally I think they still need to polish the multi-account settings and controls.

Anyway, Franz has been doing a great job being a relatively light-weighted IM integration tool. WeChat being available alongside other IM services is highly appreciated :D Also, liked the cute loading sentences such as "twisting my mustache" and "playing the trumpet" etc.


Feels better than other web-app-integration tools I tried before.


hmmm sometimes have to refresh manually to force chats to update. (Guess this is a thing with all webapps?)

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You can have multiple Slack accounts in Franz too. I'm not sure what you mean by online, I haven't really checked whether the not focused ones go offline, but I don't think that should be the case.
The fact that you have to refresh to update messages makes it quite useless. As the purpose of chat apps is to receive messages live.
One of the 5 apps that opens instantly when I open my mac. This new version is good. Things I would recommend : 1. Notifications tabs are directly on top. 2. a shortcut to select a tab directly (CMD+K to chose the tab you want per example). Other than that. This new design is really cool :)
@joseph_ayoub love to hear that! I'm working on a few tab bar customization options like position, size, display labels, ... I like the idea of having a visual tab switcher. Would you mind opening a feature request on Github?