Franz 2.0

Desktop app for Slack, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Messenger



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Thomas Schranz ⛄️ — Co-founder & CEO, Blossom
Major new update of Franz: now comes with clients for Windows and Linux (used to be Mac only) as well as support for 6 new messaging platforms (WeChat, Chatwork, Steam, Gitter, Discord, GroupMe). 😍
Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
@__tosh Changelog doesn't say 2.0 ...
Enrico Icardi — @sharedesk and @getstood co-founder
@bentossell @__tosh had the same problem...actually I've even started downloading it.
Stefan Malzner — Product Designer
@bentossell, @ricricucit, @__tosh we have now updated our website to reflect our new versioning system. If you are running on 0.9.10 you are already running 2.0 – with the next update this versioning change will be visible within Franz as well. Sorry for confusing you.
Alex Scott — Product, MonkeyWorks
@__tosh This is killer. Easy access without flipping between tabs or stand alone apps is a huge convenience. Look forward to customizing notification sounds...
Tech Aggregator — Creator
@__tosh How is the data stored for all these API channels?
Евгений Копылов — Joomla! programmer
@__tosh can you please add (russian social networking) - e.g. iframe
Sam Rizzi — PM/Co-Founder @Crid_io
@__tosh Lovin this. thnx for hunting this down.
Austin Sandmeyer — Thinker/Student/Rockstar
@imprecision & @smalzner this must be what your resume looks like for Franz 2.0 🙌
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