Introducing the Page tool, a new interactive tool in Framer X that allows you to go beyond simple horizontal and vertical swipe gestures. Get ready to design tons of new interactions, from 3D transitions to velocity-based snapping and more.

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Benjamin den Boer
Benjamin den BoerMaker@benjaminnathan · Designer
Hey PH! We’re excited to announce that we just added a powerful new interactive tool to the latest version of Framer X: the Page tool. The Page tool is our most flexible interactive tool to date, which means the high-fidelity prototyping possibilities are endless—add 3D transitions, velocity-based snapping, and more. Read all about it and then get the latest version of Framer X to take it for a spin.
Jon Sutherland
Jon Sutherland@jmsuth · Just a lefty pushing pixels and code ✌️
Framer keeps getting better and better, at a faster clip than competitors it seems 🚀
Trell West
Trell West@trellwest · Content Creator, Social Media Manager
Would be nice if the examples were done for you and I could just plug my content into it “title, link, short description etc) and embed a swipable thing on my website. I’m not familiar with how to use any what’s offered so this Is abovs my pay grade for what It Is 🙃