Framer Motion

A truly simple production-ready React animation library

#1 Product of the DayJuly 11, 2019
Super excited to announce Framer Motion! It's the successor to Pose and is the same simple animation and gesture library that's been powering the Framer Library API. Now production-ready and open source. Bonus: It makes developer handover near-frictionless!
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8 Reviews5.0/5
Hey everyone! Really excited to launch the next iteration of declarative animation and gesture libraries. This is the true successor to Popmotion Pose, it retains all the simplicity but introduces far greater flexibility with stuff like the flexible animate prop. Take a look! Read the announcement — View the landing page —
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hello there, congrats on launch ! Can i use this lib for "regular" development where FramerX is NOT part of the workflow, like other react animation libs ? @mattgperry
@francoolaami Yeah it's a totally stand-alone product. It just also powers the animations in Framer X Library, making it a great handoff experience for your designers and developers.
Any plans to support Vue.js as Pose does?
Looks great, will give it a try!
Pose was a game-changingly good animation library, and Framer is a game-changingly good prototyping tool, so I'm super excited to see how this evolves! +1 for React Native support