Framer Export

The easiest way to share mockups, visual assets & CSS code

Introducing Framer Export—a brand new set of features built to support every point of your design workflow. From work-in-progress mockups for teammates to accurate CSS values for developer handoff to polished final assets for clients, now you can share more than just high-fidelity prototypes with Framer.

Hi, we just shipped Framer Export to generate png/jpg/webp images directly from Framer Design. Happy to answer any questions.
AMEN 🙏🏻 This is exactly what we needed @koenbok do you plan to improve the measuring aspect on Framer to be able to compete with product like Zeplin & InVision Inspect?
@antoineplu yes, but we won't do it exactly like them. Don't want to completely spoil it, but just keep in mind that everything you draw in Framer Design can be perfectly expressed in html and css.
@koenbok Better, Faster, Stronger 👊🏻