A full-screen browser for iOS. Built for prototyping.

#5 Product of the DayNovember 25, 2014
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First of all it's pretty cool to wake up and find your weekend(s) project on Product Hunt! I made Frameless because I wanted an easy way to interact with Framer prototypes on my iPhone. Would love thoughts and feedback! And all the code is on Github at if that's the sort of thing that gets you excited.
@stakelon Killer job man! I wanted to make something similar a few months back for the exact same purpose. Glad you did it and blew it out of the water! You probably could have gotten a buck for every download. :-P
@brdrck thanks! Looking forward to hearing how it works for you (and how I can make it better)...
Excited to try this out with framer! I recently scoured the App Store for something like this and none of the options seemed to work. Anything that makes it easier to get prototypes onto my device I am totally onboard!
@roryreiff let me know what you think! I had been using an app called Clear Browser which got the job done, but seemed to have trouble handling URLs on my local machine like the ones from Framer Studio.
@stakelon I'll follow up once I give it a go!
Nice work @stakelon – had a play, works well (using for Marvel) Feature req: implement a URL schema so that you can then save a bookmark to your springboard i.e. schema takes URL as argument and loads it automatically (saves typing/pasting in link again on fresh app run) ;)
@dan_hopwood thanks for the feedback and suggestion! Just wanna be sure I understand: so you'd want a way to save bookmarks/favorites within the Frameless app itself? I'm sure that can be arranged :)