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#5 Product of the DayApril 01, 2015
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Hi everyone. co-founder here. Our philosophy for designing was you shouldn't have to use 5 different web services to work on a video, photo, or audio project. We know because we professionally created content for 10 years. We were using Dropbox for file sharing, Vimeo for video review, and mountains of email for communication. But then our clients and vendors were sending us Box links, YouSend it links, G-Drive stuff, some with passwords, some with expirations. There was always someone's random FTP in the mix. Links just piled up in our inbox and it was impossible to manage. We saw services out there that were just solving work in progress review or just large file sharing. Some services were only for video or only for photos or only for audio. But that's just not how the real world works. So we built to bring everything to together under one cohesive platform. And when you look at the app, it's incredibly simple. We spent years distilling the features down to their most essential and universal components.
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I've tried the beta, and I still can't believe this works so perfectly. Also, it's very intuitive, and that means that even less tech-savvy team members and friends are able to jump on board. Highly suggested, it even has a nice free plan.
Nice product :) Although I like to have one product for one specific purpose and this one wants to cover it all (Dropbox, Video&Photo&Sound review...). But my mind is probably twisted as we developped @takesioapp to specifically improve the video review part :)
@takesioapp @alexisohayon Yes, different philosophy. We think one product for a specific purpose is good in some cases but we've added so much more functionality without any of the bloat.
This was hunted prelaunch 8 months ago. I know, I tried to hunt it!
@thetechpop Yep, but now they've officially launched :)
I had been thinking about this exact problem the last few months. I totally get it @emerywells. The design is gorgeous and super intuitive! Well done there. Might be interesting to talk with the guys from Dissolve ( Possibly do some cross promotion, their customers might benefit from your product.
@ekryski For sure Eric! We love the guys over there.