Fragrant Moss

Fragrant moss as natural air freshener

We have relaunched the Fragrant Moss as Natural Air Freshener with mosses with stronger fragrance, and fragrances targeted to different usage in the household of the private consumers.

  • Pros: 

    It is nice little plants that can survive well without my care. It is not only looking good, but it cleans air and add fragment to my room.


    can be in more diverse design, and different size and option as an interior design like.

    I want to buy it more, when a new product is ready

    Jaeyong Denny Choi has used this product for one month.
  • Seungwoo Paek
    Seungwoo Paektech/business personnel

    it kills all the pollution


    you need to buy them

    this will be the ultimate solution for dust/pollution in East Asia

    Seungwoo Paek has used this product for one week.
Looks very cool, what do you think about introducing more natural packaging for that? Check out wabi-sabi way.
@nick_stask Thanks Nick, It is pretty simple already, but we also upon request "just" ship the "raw" moss if that is what you think about. You have to remember the agar will dry in, and leave the moss directly on the stones - we are working on getting some pictures of that for the story telling. That will make it look much more natural, at least I think so. Once again, we really appreciate any feed back we get.
@ph_c_ha_thuc Thanks, we like your appreciation.
Hej, fellow Dane! Your site says you use synthetic biological technology, so I can't ask for natural organic moss?
@jessehojjensen Hi Jesse - GM plants are both natural (plant genes in plants are quite normal I should think) and grow happily without any pesticides. But true someone, 30 years ago thought they are not organic, even though they are quite environmentally friendly and carbon neutral. They could get the swan label. You can get organic moss from many vendors on Etsy, but most of that is collected in the wild, so I am not sure how sustainable that is. Lastly, they are not approved for commercial sales in EU. Yours truly, Henrik
As a purchaser of this product, I hope my comment will help someone is considering to buy. I've lived with this moss jar in the largest size(4in x 4in) for about 4wks. They are still alive pretty much well although in a shady no window corner. I like that they need no special delicate cares. I spray water one time a week. It scatters scent when you open the cap and bring your nose around the opening. Always happy to see this moss jar makes the atmosphere of the space more lively.
@du_k I am so pleased to see you comment. Thanks for the nice words.