Fragment 8 Retro Camera

Revives the Super 8 Retro Camera with GIF Format

1) Nostalgia - Fills your life with unpredictable retro styles beauty.
3) 9 or 24 fps - Clips with 9 fps conjures up emotions.
4) Instant GIFs - Create GIFs like capturing a video.
5) Retro 8mm Design - The authentic photographic experience.
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Hey there, Product Hunters! I'm Manhin, co-founder of Lofty Factory Co. and together with Chunyin we're super excited to share our work with you today! We two love shooting. That’s why we made this funny camera for anyone who share the same interest with us. During the past years, we spent most of our time to reinvent the 8mm camera into modern one. Our aims in this project is to reproduce the unique colour and incompleteness taken from the 8mm film into the digital version. Long story short, in the process of design and programming, we emphasize both the modernization of the antique appearance and the inheritance of the feelings in the film camera. And now, we are happy to announce that the working prototype is completed and working fine. Although it may not perfect at this moment, we believe that everyone who love photograph will love it. It’s named “Fragment 8 Retro Camera” because of its characteristics and concept: capture the slice of life. With Fragment 8 Retro Camera, we hope you can empty your mind within this stressful world. Even if you don’t have any story in mind, just shoot, you may end up with a touching short film to tell your own story. We also recommend you to capture the moment on the real life, including everyday chores that we often overlook, such as a cup of coffee in the sun and even a simple smile between friends. It took us lots of time and a lot of coffee to make the Fragment 8 Retro Camera reality. Please help to vote us up if you like our design. More importantly, you can send us some feedback if there are any suggestions on your mind, your encouragement is the oxygen of our soul. Enjoy ;)