Foursquare on Apple Watch

Places you’ll love, without having to look at phone

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Awesome. Another place to not use 4sq
@rrhoover I'd love to hear your plans on reducing snark in the community, before this ends up like HN's comment section.
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I fully endorse criticism -- which often leads to the best discussion and feedback for makers -- and by no means should everyone be a cheerleader but this isn't very nice, @joelblackmore. To paraphrase Ron Burgundy, "stay classy, PH." 😃 @dshankar - I can only recall a few snarky, unempathetic comments on Product Hunt. Inevitably this will become more common as we grow and we'll build ways for the community to self-police. That said, if someone is continually a jerk, we may remove their access to comment entirely.
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@dshankar @rrhoover 'keeping it classy' would prob mean keeping my name out of your article... My comment is pretty mild in the grand scheme of things, super surprised anyone took notice of such a minor comment. IMO the point of community comments is to express a personal opinion. You could look at what I wrote as snark or you could look at it as my comment on the product of 4sq. - I am not a fan, I don't think it serves any need for me personally, and so therefore when they launch on the watch I am saying 'I don't like this product'. I have numerous reasons why, but this isn't a working group and I'm not here to offer pointed feedback. You don't have a 'down vote' so I commented. PH seems to me a like a place for the very wide community to go to discover products. It feels like it's going more towards a PR channel for product makers.
Hi, @joelblackmore! I did exclude your name from my Medium post. The article certainly not directed at you but more generally at comments on the internet and the type conversation I/we want to see on PH. I agree, "Another place to not use 4sq" is mild and I didn't perceive that you were going out of your way to "attack" Foursquare, but I do think the sentiment could have been delivered more constructively. Re: PR, thanks for bringing this up. PH is a place for consumers to find interesting and useful new products and a place for makers to directly engage with their users. Naturally, there is an element of PR but not (I hope) in the manufactured, manipulative way. As I mentioned before, not every comment should be positive cheerleading. That would be boring.
@rrhoover Its on there. Anyway, not particularly fussed just pointing out because if you don't want ph to be about cheerleading calling out a negative comment doesn't encourage free expression.
IMO, Apple Watch will help more people understand why Foursquare split its app. I don't want to check in on my watch, but I do want to know when I'm near a restaurant on my save list, and when I'm in a restaurant I want to glance at the best tips without violating the phone-at-the-table rule.
@adamsigel ++ (we've been thinking this way for a long time)
I currently don't use 4SQ on iOS, but I do use Swarm. However, I imagine for Apple Watch, this will be *super* useful and worthy of downloading. Definitely turning me into a 4SQ user, again. I love the idea of something coming up when I'm near by, giving me an overview and aiding me in the decision making process. At the same time, I'm wondering whether or not this will be buddied up eventually with Swarm, to tell me not only about an awesome place to visit nearby, but also a notification when friends are pinged close to my location. Either way, super nifty!
Is your team working on Swarm for Apple Watch too @dens?
@benjaminnetter Yup -- will fast-follow the Foursquare watch app (prob 2 weeks?)
@benjaminnetter It's launched now, so go check it out!
For the most part this brings most of the Foursquare functionality to the wrist which is useful for existing Foursquare users with an Apple Watch but I'm more curious what the next version looks like. Can you share any features you wished you would have launched with or have planned, @dens?