Founders on a Journey

Exquisite travel experiences for founders & entrepreneurs.

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Hi Product Hunt Community, Charles here, I setup the website for Founders on a Journey. We're currently looking to gather people to see if there is an interest for our idea and we're planning to run as soon as possible our first travel experience! If you happen to have any questions, please let me know in the comments or on Twitter! Made with <3 in Luxembourg!
Hey Charles - looks cool! We've been running trips in the work & travel space for about a year now with Hacker Paradise. Happy to chat / share experience as you try and get this off the ground.
@caseyrosengren Hey Casey, thanks for your feedback! I would love to share experiences & chat so we can get it off the ground :) Cheers
@cbuchler what you can use to your advantage Charles is gathering at sea or ocean during summer (Croatia, Spain, etc) as far as Europe goes. Greetings to Lux!