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Sounds cool! It'd also be great to have more details re the community! I'm sure a lot of people will also want to know how it's similar and different to AngelList.
Kori Handy@koridhandy · Design Founder @designfirstapps
@manasvinik well this app is made to pitch and demo your product with a 2 min or less video. By design we are different, its a feed of pitches and we curate it daily similar to PH. We are a complimenting product to AngelList, maybe one day a VC can invest in a startup right in our app?
Mitchell Porter@_mitchellporter · i build apps @designfirstapps
@manasvinik We definitely look at Founderfox as being complimentary to AngelList. It's similar in that you're putting your product out there for everyone to see, and that there is an investor community. However, we wanted to build a mobile first solution with a beautiful design. We also used video so its easy for investors and angels with limited time to e… See more
sri@sridhar_kondoji · No Fluff Just Stuff skills tracker
@_mitchellporter now coming to product question. How R u planning to get investors on board? Are all pitches publicly available?
Mitchell Porter@_mitchellporter · i build apps @designfirstapps
@sridhar_kondoji @manasvinik We already have some VC's and Angels using the app, as for onboarding new ones that will happen through sheer hustle on our end and word of mouth. All pitches are available publicly to anyone who enters the app. As a founder, you can always re-record your video, or edit your fields later if you need to update your pitch.
SHAREFLO@sharefloapp · Founder, Shareflo
@koridhandy @manasvinik can we upload a video commercial?