Founder Suite

Tools to get startup sh*t done!

#3 Product of the DayJanuary 16, 2014
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I love the concept of productizing startup advice. There is so much great content out there but not enough tools to help founders get stuff done. Excited to see where this goes.
It also seems very expensive for an early/unfunded startup
I signed up for Founder Suite maybe 4 months ago? When they first launched into beta. It has definitely evolved a bit since then. I really love the concept and think there are a lot of "missing" tools for entrepreneurs, certainly tech entrepreneurs trying to build a product/team/raise funds. I love the idea of a super focused/niche product just for these folks. So far I haven't found a "killer feature" or a reason to use any of these tools consistently. I really want to, but it just isn't there for me. I use RelateIQ for investor CRM, dropbox for docs, and excel for competitive comparisons. I imagine these tools will continue to evolve and eventually pass the "generic" tools, at least for people like me. I sure hope they do. Love the idea.
This is a problem I have experienced many times and the early version of this looks promising.
Awesome concept. I look forward to trying it out.