Founder Affirmations is a series of empowering statements that help remind entrepreneurs to stay positive and moving forward. We've grouped the statements into themes like Focus, Resourcefulness, Leadership, etc and recorded them in men's and women's voices with amateur and professional voice talent.

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Hey everyone, I made a fun holiday side project called Founder Affirmations. When I was a competitive athlete (NCAA gymnast) I used self-talk a lot to prepare for competitions and other challenging situations. I went through a difficult period in my startup this year and thought that creating a set of statements that entrepreneurs can use to remind themselves about what matters. You can use the site as a random generator, and you can download a free audio recording of @alonglastname saying each of the ~40 or so statements backed by a pretty sweet inspirational track. You can also pay to download a version voiced by myself and a professional voice actor (and get the audio sans background music if that's not your thing). We also have an options where I can write a custom affirmation for you. I've included some research on how affirmations work and why we wrote them in the 2nd tense - "you are ...". Oh and you can use the promo code PRODUCTHUNTERS to get 15%!
Any reason you copied the Star Trek federation emblem for your logo?
@mickc79 Hi Mick - I used a free logo from another Product Hunt product called Logo Dust I do see the resemblance between the two but to assume that I copied Star Trek feels a tad aggressive. This is a fun side project!
@jasonshen Aye I was only really having a bit of fun. Didn't intend to come across like that.