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How is the list assembled?
@thetylerhayes Hi Tyler. By now we are publishing what we are reading. Really carefully hand curated posts. The idea is to invite founders to start publishing themselves (thanks to another project we have,, we have contacted founders from startups accelerated by 500 Startups, YC and Techstars, they would be among the first to get access and publish on Foundcy).
This is great. I was thinking of making something like this just this week. You should consider getting people to add the books they're reading ;)
@cynicalgrinch Hey Larry, thanks mate! Foundcy it´s been online for almost two months now. It´s still a simple landing page but we decided to start publishing what we are reading to let users experience what we have in mind (and also validate the idea). Maybe we can stay in touch to find a way to collaborate ;)
Hi everyone, thanks for your up votes! Really appreciate it :) Some basic facts about Foundcy: It started as a side project (@rrhoover and @mikaelcho have written great posts about that) from an insight we found while managing our newsletter for our main project: (in fact Foundcy is looking more promising that ABy!). By now we are the only ones publishing posts. This is really a very basic MVP. In the near future we´ll start to grant access to founders so they can get a profile and start publishing too. If you are a founder and would like to be part of our beta just let us know in the comments :) Any other question I´ll be glad to answer it
Interested to find out more about the beta - what's involved?