Foundation for Emails 2

Create responsive HTML emails that work on any device


Daniel Codella
@mrcodella · Marketer, ZURB
Hey @Ben, Daniel from ZURB here! Foundation for Emails was hunted previously, but that was a rebrand of Ink. We've been working on this new version for over a year now. Here's what's new in Foundation for Emails 2: • A fully flexible grid — even on small screens! That means you can create any number of columns and have a fully flexible small grid. We’re sta… See more
J. Alexander Curtis
@_jacurtis · Co-Founder, OhMyTix
As an avid user of Ink and Foundation for Emails (1) I have to say I am incredibly stoked for this release! The new Inky Templating engine with SASS and Handlebars is so awesome. It feels like I am actually designing emails in 2016 now instead of 1996. Gulp now to automate and speed up development instead of some copy-paste madness. Awesome work, this is… See more
Gianluca Volpe
@skylab02 · project manager
Mail Marketing job is starting to be very fun/easy. Love this update!
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
What are the big updates here sine the launch three months ago?
Tom Buchok
@tbuchok · MailCharts
Nice work, @mrcodella and team! Sniffed through the repository and it looks wonderful. Inky as an abstraction is a great step towards cleaner mailer builds. I see some previous commenters have asked about adding "custom" components to Inky—that'll be a great addition and adding that in looks like something you guys have envisioned already. :thumbsup: As th… See more