Learn photography and master your DSLR camera

Fotoji is a visually lead photography teaching tool that teaches you how to master your DSLR camera.

•Work through 15 interactive lessons and activities

•Get the look you want with Shutter Speed, ISO and Aperture calculators.

•Access over 250 professional recipe images by subject

•Use the animated cameras to navigate your own DSLR camera

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1 Review5.0/5
Photography in a nutshell! Brilliantly illustrating the concepts and how to get the results you are after. Demystify your camera. Learn on your edge, as you need, in action.
@fotoji_co being into photography, this looks like an useful tool. Is it available on Android too?
@sneehaatweets Hi Sneha, only on iOS at the moment. Best Ben.
@fotoji_co Oh Okayy! Thanks. Best wishes for the app! :)
@sneehaatweets Thanks Sneha. Popped your wishes in my pocket!
The app can control aperture?
@shellehs HI Alamo, Fotoji shows how the aperture affects the look of your image. Shallow focus with a blurred background or a deeper sharpness to all the image. There is a visual calculator that shows how this is different with each lens. Fotoji is a learning tool not a camera remote control. Hope this helps.
Don’t make the mistake of confusing learning photography with learning the technique to take a photograph... the latter is a given before you start the former, unless you are an artist with an intuitive eye for photography the former is the most difficult to master (there’s no “photometer” able to tell if you are creating art or just taking Instagram pictures).