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Billy ChasenMaker@billychasen · Inventor of things
Hello! We started Fotoflash by building a more complicated photo app, but realized how much fun it was to see random photos from the past. There's no easy lean back way to watch them all. So we built this little app to help. I'm here if you have any questions about it!
Erick Schonfeld@erickschonfeld · Exec Producer DEMO, Co-Founder TouchCast
Great idea @billychasen. It's like Timehop for your photos.
Billy ChasenMaker@billychasen · Inventor of things
@erickschonfeld thanks! that's exactly how it feels
Kevando@kevando_ · CTO, Frameri
Cool idea. Any chance you'll add a feature where I can play a song in a room of my friends and they can vote and we can dance together? I miss that :(
Eric Friedman@ericfriedman · Partner @ BlockTower
Hi Billy - I think this is great - been looking for something similar. Any chance to support something to get this up on a big screen like Chromecast? Also, any plans to just pick a specific album or source?
Billy ChasenMaker@billychasen · Inventor of things
@EricFriedman Thanks! Those are both great features. I'll definitely add them to the build list.