An advanced photo dashboard for 500px & EyeEm.

fotofall allows you to tap into the pulse of the photography and have it organized your way. Discover new content and keep the track of what’s happening around you.

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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
@vishna Tell us more about why you built this and how it's different from other apps that are trying to do the same thing?
@jacqvon I was wondering what a photo app like Instagram/EyeEm/500px would look like in a TweetDeck columns interface and then decided to write it. Here are 2 main features which tell fotofall apart from these other photo apps: 1) Columns interface: - you decide what feeds (columns) display on the screen - if you are 500px and EyeEm user you can have following feeds from both platforms in one app or even in one column (merged timelines) ...and more - given a column, you can customize notifications for it - you can filter out photos from a feed based on your own rules - on tablets columns get displayed side by side - finally chromecast any feed to the big screen in your living room 2) Draft Upload
- you prepare photos you want to upload in a draft mode by default - for one draft you can have multiple edits/versions of the same photo - from all the edits you pick the best photo for the upload or let AI rank do it for you - Moves App integration that allows you to easily geo tag past photos ( - Schedule your upload - decide when your photo should appear online even while you're offline.
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