Motivation, Tips, and Tools for Your Creative Side-Projects

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Looks beautiful!
@tzhongg Thank you, Tiffany. I appreciate it
Hello everyone! And thank you Kevin for posting this. There are so many people out there with awesome creative ideas, but they often never get completed. With Fostr, you can share your idea and gain feedback, support and guidance from the community. Happy to answer any questions!
@seanfournier Hey Sean! Looks like it's come a long we since we first talked. I did have a play around with the app a while ago. Looks great! :)
@itskathuria hey man! Thanks so much! It's def come a long way :)
I downloaded the app to check it out. But why do I have to sign up? I'm sure you could make it easier for users by letting them sign up in the end when they want to contribute with feedback or submit a project?! wouldn't that be a better approach? or what is your reason to put the sign up process right at the beginning?
@bastian_ernst hey there, Fostr calls for more interactions than simply viewing content so it made sense to put the sign up in the beginning to get it over with - rather than popping up and breaking someone's interaction flow. I definitely see your point though... Thank you