Conversational surveys on Messenger and your website


nikk wong
@nikkw0ng · Founder, Asq
First of all would like to say we’re incredibly humbled to be in front of you today. Bots have not delivered on their promise to give users great experiences, with NLP/tree-diagrams and the like. Surveying is the only function that bots can perform better than any other interface. Imagine going into a restaurant, coffee shop, grocery store, or the like--… See more
Jack Kim
@jack7kim · Founder @ Duo AI
Love the design!
Tamas Ratkai
@tamasratkai · CEO at FleetYou | CMO at EU-Solar
Looks like an interesting solution to gather data from users. Already signed up for beta. Looking forward to give it a go! ;)
Brandon Hull
@brandonhull · Founder, Side Project Plan
Love the direction here. Typeform published a blog post recently that incorporated this kind of thinking and it instantly clicked with me. https://www.typeform.com/blog/hu.... Anxious to test this sort of interactivity within content.
Craig Phares
@craigphares · Founder of Six Overground & dropdrop
Formatic looks beautiful and well thought out. I would love to see this on other chat platforms (iMessage, Slack, etc). I can't wait to try out the beta.