Forksy Diet

AI-powered diet to increase your energy and productivity


Forksy Diet is a 6-week program that helps the average individual adopt basic nutritional rules in order to become a more energetic and productive person.

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13 Reviews5.0/5

As a co-founder of another company in the same vertical (fitness and weight management), I can see real value for customers in Forksy.


Easy to use. Real Effect


So far looks good.

I really like the idea. Forksy Diet feels much more personal, friendly and somewhat more available than other food logging apps I've tried. Unfortunately, I experienced that it failed at the core - recognizing the food I'm trying to log.


Very available. Somewhat intuitive, friendly and fun "conversation".


I tried logging a few meals, but Forksy failed to comprehend at both occations.

I send Forsky my foods, and she gives me back some comments which surprisingly I find useful and not annoying) Suits for anyone who is willing to be more dynamic and lively.


Always in my pocket, very convenient


Not that I know about