Open source code snippets tool - designed for ease of use.

#4 Product of the DayDecember 14, 2018

Snippets save me hours of coding each week ⏰ but they are so hard to create in the code editor. Forge makes creating and using code snippets easy.

  • Dinuka Jayasuriya
    Dinuka JayasuriyaCodingRadio 📻 Maker's Kitchen 👨‍🍳

    Sleek UI and makes it easy to store frequently used snippets


    None so far

    Well designed. Loving the dark mode UI and the shortcuts

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    i dint know

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Hey Makers! 👋 Code snippets are a fundamental part of coding. But creating them in my code editor is a nightmare 😱 As such, I made Forge to make it easier to create and use my own code snippets. I designed Forge to be as easy to use as possible! Features: 🛠 VS Code snippet editor under the hood. 🔀 Syncs your snippets across your devices. 😻 Never stop coding as Forge pops up over the top of your code editor. 💃 Sexy as hell user interface. I would really appreciate any feedback you have! Thank you!
@jackrobertscott Hey the link for Windows and Linux on your website 404's. You might wanna change that fast 😉 Anyways, great concept.
@geekysrm Thank you for the heads up 😰all fixed now! 😁
@jackrobertscott A syntax highlighter would be nice.
@ozgrozer a syntax highlighting feature will be on its way soon! 😁
@jackrobertscott @ozgrozer does the syntax highlighter in case u might need it! Forge app is great too !!
Great work. Will try it. Has someone a good resource for node.js snippets?
Is there an eclipse/STS plugin, @jackrobertscott ? If not, may I develop one?
@hasan_diwan Hey Hasan! There isn't currently a plugin for eclipse but I would be interested to hear your thoughts 😊 feel free to send me a message and we can talk about it more!
If you could get team sync built into this that’d be killer (plus give you a revenue model).
all links are down 😞