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#3 Product of the DayJuly 02, 2016
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scottgallantMaker@scottgallant · Engineer
Co-creator here. I was building a website for someone last summer and I REALLY didn't want to use WordPress, so my friend and I built Some highlights: • Supports all Jekyll plugins • Integrates with GitHub & Bitbucket (commits back to your repo) • Zero configuration for you project • Hosting not provided (deploy to S3, Github Pages, FTP) • Use Markdown or WYSIWYG I'd love to know what you think if the concept. Get in touch at if you have any specific needs. Thanks!
Dhruba Adhikari
Dhruba Adhikari@acpmasquerade · Product Director, Picovico
@scottgallant @forestry Immediate feedback : Allowing import from github public url should be a quick way to start with. I found that missing.
scottgallantMaker@scottgallant · Engineer
@acpmasquerade @forestry Great feedback! We're going to look into it.
Jack Smith
Jack SmithHunter@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
Keith Mancuso
Keith Mancuso@keithmancuso · Familiar
Looks great but seems very similar to are there any features that make it a more compelling option than site leaf?
James Futhey
James Futhey@futhey · Product Design Consultant
Really nice, especially if you're already using Jekyll or Hugo!
Lee Peterson
Lee Peterson@lee_peterson · UI/UX Designer/Developer @rustydogdesign
I've been waiting for a Jekyll-based CMS for a long time now. I built my company's website using Jekyll years ago, but moved to WordPress because of the CMS capabilities. I may just end up back with Jekyll again soon and begin pimping out Forestry to my clients. Fantastic job, gentlemen!