Financial model templates for startups and investors

#4 Product of the DayJune 16, 2015
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I've built financial models for startups for over a decade, and today I launched a new set of spreadsheet templates, one for startups and one for investors. I've learned a lot about how to use financial models effectively and ineffectively (, but I do think that they can help people make business decisions is used appropriately. These new models are the result of rethinking of my earlier templates and completely rebuilt from the ground up. Plus, special discount for Product Hunt, use HUNTED for $30 off.
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The foresight model has been our go-to recommendation for financial modeling for founders in Launch Pad for years. Taylor has done a great job building a template that walks you through the process of building your financial model and is not intimidating to non-spreadsheet jockeys. The most important part of a financial model for early stage companies is to go through the process of building it, whether it proves right or wrong isn't the point, you'll dial it in over time. But you can't ignore it and say it's not important as founders can tend to do. Love this model for early stage founders.
@cschultz Thank you. It's been great working with so many of the Launch Pad founders over the years.
Taylor's financial models are not only rock-solid, they're easy to use and well-commented, just like good code. You can spend 20 hours building your own spreadsheet that still won't be nearly as good...or you can buy these, hit the ground running with a proven model and start plugging in your own numbers and customizing it for yourself immediately. It's a no-brainer.
@clayhebert thank you, really appreciate it. I know there are many free templates and resources out there, that's why I've put a lot of work into making something that's really worth it. Time is money.
Taylor know what he's talking about, quite a nice guy as well :)
Taylor knows his stuff and helped me out a bunch personally with my models. Highly recommended!
@frankdenbow thank you. the template models have come a long way since we first worked together on yours :)