Small-batch, American-made clothing for men and women

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This past fall, I met @mattalexand at XOXO Festival. Where so many fashion startups have failed, he and the team at NEED were doing something truly original: selling great fashion products *and* being profitable. Now, with Foremost they're going from curating great products, to actually *making* them. Question for @mattalexand: you have an "editorial" way of presenting the products you sell. Where did that come from? Why do you think it works?
@mijustin When I originally had the idea for Need, a lot of what was driving me was the notion that men respond to fewer variables and a strong sense of opinion. The vast majority of shops show straightforward images and uninspired copy, which does little for people when shopping. They land on the site and, although they might recognize good things, they don't know the "why" of the matter. Editorial allows us to convey the wisdom and direction for these people. With Foremost, we saw an opportunity to carry that a step further with an interview series. It means that, even after we sell out, there's good reason for people to be visiting the site. And, for the people shopping, they can see the products in better detail, as well as in the photography. Long-winded answer (again), but I think it's important to make a transaction memorable. You don't remember spending $50 at H&M, but you might remember it with Need or Foremost.
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I've loved Need for a long time and this seems like a great next step. Particularly, I like knowing that I won't be wearing the same thing as everyone else.
Here to answer questions, friends. From a high-level, this is my solution to scale. Need ( has been growing exceptionally quickly, but its growth is predicated upon the virtue of its focus and perceived smallness. So, in order to grow without sacrificing what makes us interesting in the first place, I came to believe that we could build several complementary concepts. We've had enormous demand from both women and people who do not wish to spend as much on clothing as Need necessitates. Naturally, that became our starting point. And the result is Foremost, where we're developing our own affordable, small-batch clothing in the US. (The average price is below $49.) And, as we're speaking to this altogether different audience, it's an ideal opportunity to invest in some innovative story-telling. Long-winded, but there's a lot to the concept. I hope you enjoy.
@mattalexand is an amazing part of the Dallas startup community, and redefining the nexus of commerce + content entirely. Can't wait to get some of his Foremost line!