Product Hunt for important future events

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:) I like the option to set a reminder email when the future event occurs. We're considering adding a separate feed for pre-release products, in part to give these posts a place to live without overly cluttering the home feed with things that may never launch. In turn, we can send a notification once the product is available (and more). Not to steal Forekast thunder but I'd love peoples' feedback on this, here or on Twitter.
@rrhoover Looks like they have something similar in the works that is currently unpopulated:
@rrhoover Glad to hear you like that feature! We get a lot of good feedback on it from our users. And as a frequent Product Hunt reader, count me as a vote for yes :)
@rrhoover That would be awesome. Could be something like BetaList or ErliBird, but with the ProductHunt community and voting system!
@rrhoover How would it work exactly? Would the pre-releases be on the same page as the released products? I always like the option of being reminded of stuff - because I easily forget. But there are some startups for that - HypeJar, HypeBadger - they deal with tech, movies, and everything really, but that seems like a large net. What I like is a TARGETED approach. For example, Forekast should deal with EVENTS and PH with PRODUCTS. So my vote's yes. Why not. P.S. I may be confusing the definition of 'events' here.
@rrhoover I always like notification options. It's a heavily used feature with our users on Forekast. I'd love to see it on PH :)
In using this the past few weeks, I've surfaced and participated in maybe a dozen online/offline events I wouldn't have discovered otherwise.
@jtzou Hi Jonathan. It's really encouraging to hear this because it's exactly what we're aiming to do. Glad you're finding it useful and thanks for hunting Forekast!
In case anyone is interested, we do a weekly email summary of the top upcoming events each week. If you don't feel like signing up for an account but still want to be on the mailing list, you can add yourself here
Sweet, I'm joining
Hmm, at first I thought it was about 'events', but I see it's a lot more than that. So I have a question - what makes Forekast better than the competition? For one thing, I see the layout is according to date, and I REALLY like that. I've seen other sites, who ask the users to add a future event, but you don't?
@V4Violetta Thanks, Violeta. Really glad to hear you like the layout. What we're trying to do with Forekast is focus on curating the events that are accessible to a global audience. So basically those events that can be experienced in some way by anyone no matter where they live. All of the events are posted and voted on by the users. Some of the posts don't fall under the definition of an event, but as long as it has an upcoming date associated with it and falls under the single focus of "accessible to everyone" we feel that the upvotes can decide what is worth discovering on any given day. I hope that answers your question.
@willsamari It does. And btw, the site is addictive. :)