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Holee she-it. Forbes working with Telegram ahead of F8. Is that because Messenger didn't want to play? Regardless, this is a super interesting approach -- and goes so far to demonstrate a real conversational service built into an existing messaging platform (unlike Quartz, which required an app install). Super interesting! #grabspopcorn
@chrismessina I love the built-in! I had a mild groan when Quartz had me download their app... 😑
@chrismessina Would love to see something similar for Messenger tho! Speaking as a non-Telegram user.
@chrismessina After reading the Medium post mentioned by @Corleyh in a comment above, this is the closest thing I could get out as an explanation on why they choose Telegram (above all other apps): "So when the founders at Chatfuel offered the chance to launch a newsbot on Telegram, we said sure, why not? It’s an opportunity to do a little experimenting in someone else’s (rather big) sandbox and let readers engage with our stories in a whole new way."
@anthonymonori @chrismessina We are in touch with facebook on this already, stay tuned!
I like some element of my news to be delivered via push notifications, so it is interesting to see Forbes explore delivering news to readers via a messenger app. I commend the experimentation. @bupbin wrote a piece explaining their decision to test their content on Telegram.
@corleyh @bupbin Thanks for posting! Forbes bot runs on, will be happy to answer any questions.
YES!!! 🙌I love this way of news, the only thing is the algorithm HAS to learn. For me, Quartz hasn't learnt anything yet from me. Or I'm being too hard to read... but I don't think that's it, I've been specifically pushing them in a direction. 🤔
@as_austin I *completely* agree. Personalization is the key or else these bot-services are missing the point. When I text my friends, it's incredibly efficient because they *know* me! Conversational apps should be about deep personalization; anything less will fail.