Fashion discounts gathered in your size

Shopping for fashion sales online requires repetitive searching and filtering across multiple stores—at the right times. Forager solves this problem by automatically gathering for you fashion items on sale from thousands of stores—catered to your size, favorite brands, styles and other preferences.

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Thank you @chrismessina for the hunt! Hi Junu here from Forager👋 Forager is a personal shopping assistant that gathers fashion sales for you catered to your size, favorite brands, styles and other preferences. We built Forager because we ourselves care about how we look and feel (aka fashion), but don’t have enough time or $$ to shop. A couple of pro shopping tips 😎 1. Choose more brands to start. Sale items that match your other preferences may not always be available (items go out of stock pretty quickly). 2. Unsure about that fall Acne bomber jacket? Try the ‘More like this’ button to view similar items. 3. Looking for something in particular? Try the ‘View more items’ button to make Forager go on a targeted mission—like find you a pair of skinny jeans on sale in your size. Forager is still young and not super smart yet, but we’d love to hear you thoughts on how to make it better. We’ll also do our best to answer any questions! 😁
@chrismessina @junetic This is such a smart idea! I get so annoyed when I find the perfect item in the sales only to discover it's not in my size. Took a couple of minutes to set my preferences and start receiving suggestions 🛍
@chrismessina @abadesi Thank you for the encouraging words :D

It literally took a couple of minutes to set Forager up and I like the variety of preferences I can choose from to ensure my recommendations are really tailored to my priorities. This is truly novel.


It's a quick to set up Messenger bot which sends me sales items according to my preferences e.g. fave designers, type of shoe/dress etc.


The first selection didn't have anything I'd buy but I tweaked the preferences and the second selection did much better.

Thanks so much for your thoughtful review! Your feedback on the first selection not having anything you liked is really helpful. We need to make this better!
Is this what Favvve has grown into? If so, what’s the story of turning Favvve into Forager?
@barnabybones Thanks for asking! With Favvve, we were trying to use mobile video as a platform to help people make easier consumption decisions. We wanted solve the pain of of sifting through reviews and googling around to find and decide on something you want (to buy, eat, visit). We shifted to Forager to try to tackle this problem more directly by focusing on helping you find something you want while saving $. We also wanted to focus on a single-person experience to start—as we were struggling to build a community and marketplace with Favvve. Hope that helps!
@junetic Definitely! Thanks for sharing!