Highlight/navigate to key words & phrases automatically

How it works:
- Small icons appear beside each search result
- Click the icon to open the webpage in a new tab
- Key phrases (based on search description) are highlighted pink + autoscroll
- Keywords (based on google search query) are highlighted yellow
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Have been a user of this extension and I really love it! Being a student, I find this especially useful when researching for essays, assignments or conducting market research :)
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@aaronj Happy to see that you enjoy using it!
Created this product to enhance the google search experience by highlighting and navigating to key phrases and words. Found it especially useful for long webpages and when conducting research on the web. It's a real pain scrolling through long webpages, articles or papers trying to find relevant sections. Intend to keep this as a 100% free chrome extension. Have fun searching!
Launched and posted on Product Hunt on 1 August around 12:45AM PST, with some upvotes garnered. However, it has been automatically rescheduled to a 2 August 12AM PST launch for some reason and I am unable to relaunch it now. Contacted Product Hunt and waiting for their reply. UPDATE: PH has replied and fixed the issue. We are live again!
Simple to use and very useful in speeding up internet research
Love it! Simplicity and utility at its finest