Handpicked free hi-res food photos from around the web.

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 07, 2016
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Hi there Product Hunters! Foodshot is a resource for beautiful food photos. All photos are handpicked from stock photo sites around the web. One new photo is posted every day. It started out as a need for stock photos for my other project, Foodscene. I couldn't find any good site with a collection of just food photography, so I started collecting photos from other free stock photo sites. I figured other might benefit from this as well, and Foodshot was born. We're adding one new photo every day! I'd love to get your feedback and tips for how to evolve! Check it out!
@ekufas Very cool Eirik. Do you host the images or just a link to the images? What do you think this will cost you in maintenance.
@joshdance Hi Joshua. I'm glad you like it. I host the photos through Amazon AWS S3 cloud storage, so the pricing scales with amount stored. So far the costs are minor (one new photo every day), depending on how we evolve the costs might increase.
@ekufas Thanks. I was thinking about starting a free stock photo site in a different niche, but was hesitant about the costs.
Love the site! How about adding categories, especially when you have more photos up.
@zachschleien Definitely a good suggestion, which we will look into. Any suggestion for how to categorize/group the photos (category types)?