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Al Ming
Al MingMaker@al_ming · Product, Food Network
Hey ProductHunt! This is Al from Food Network. Our team is extremely excited to introduce our new chatbot for Facebook Messenger, just in time for Thanksgiving. It makes it quick and easy (and hopefully fun) to find recipe inspiration on the go, from our shows, chefs, and library of over 60,000 recipes. Earlier this year, we spent some time hanging out with our customers to find out how they make decisions about what to cook and what to eat. We saw folks finding ideas for food on their phones while out and about. And we saw those food ideas become part of a dialog with family and friends, because they didn't want to make food that their loved ones didn't want to eat! This inspired us to build the bot to make it easier and faster to search for recipes from Food Network and share them in your chats. If you're in line for coffee, you can open up Messenger and browse around for what's new, or popular, or easy, or seasonal. At the store and you see that the avocadoes look great? Tell the bot to find avocado recipes for dinner, and send them to your picky eater for their OK. Planning Thanksgiving and want Alton's turkey or Ina's stuffing? Just ask. Or, maybe you just want something different - try the "Surprise Me" button every day for a new suggestion! We're planning a lot of cool improvements in the days to come, so please let us know if you've got any questions, suggestions or feedback (or stories!) - the team would love to hear it. Thanks! Al, Dan, Lori, and Eric Food Network
Hey Al, would have loved to see the bot more conversational. It's easier for me to navigate to your site and discover recipes. I tend to look up recipes by combinations of ingredients so I liked that it found me some nice recipes. 👊
Al Ming
Al MingMaker@al_ming · Product, Food Network
@casielane Thanks, Casie! Glad you liked it, and we'll definitely be looking to get the bot to have longer dialogs in the future.
Grigori Mikayelyan
Grigori Mikayelyan@grigorimikayelyan · Founder, CEO @Forkspot
Hey AI, your chatbot for Facebook is great !