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#4 Product of the DayOctober 18, 2014
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Bigger than Font Squirrel?
@chrismessina I opted to post Font Park instead of Font Squirrel. I had them both there on my list. I think I made the wrong choice because Font Squirrel has a better search engine. I probably should have rewritten their marketing jargin but I don't think Font Squirrel has more than 70,000+ fonts Font Park claims.
it's bad to ask for this crap before a page is even fully loaded but it's hilariously bad to ask without actually giving me a way to convert.
@willimholte Does that come as a popup? I've never gotten that.
@erictwillis @willimholte Are you running an adblocker? I wouldn't be surprised if it's cookie based (this was my first visit) or only shows up if you're logged in to Facebook or could just be randomly given to users.