700 Google fonts in your Photoshop



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Ra Serrano — Freelance web designer at
waiting for Sketch !
Johan Cutych — Madebysource
@rrrraulsc That is our next goal!
Ra Serrano — Freelance web designer at
@johan_cutych as a web designer, working with fonts from the design step is crucial
Antonio Ryckman — Billful Developer
@rrrraulsc I second this!
Josh Peters — Product Designer
@rrrraulsc As slow as Sketch is with understand type action now, I'm not hopeful. Maybe i just have a lot more fonts than others. Hmmm
Dennis Hansen — Co-Founder & CPO of Knack
@johan_cutych @rrrraulsc Can I put my email on a mailing list or anything?
Johan Cutych — Madebysource
700 Google fonts right inside your Photoshop. And it's free. 🍂

Preview, search and apply fonts with a single click. There is no need to visit a website. Just click and watch the magic happen. :)

No more hunting and hoping that some random font from the web will fit your design.

Kyle Richey — CEO,
@johan_cutych Brilliant! Thanks for this. 😀
Johan Cutych — Madebysource
@imakestrides We are glad to hear this!
Prashant Dwivedi — 2D & 3D Artist
@johan_cutych Thank-you for this awesome plugin. Now that plugin save lots of time :)
Tsogn — Founder, The Homeless Hub
@johan_cutych really good. Is it of any use with older CS versions of PS?
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