Folio 2.0

Simple version control for design teams based on Git

Folio 2.0 is simple version control for design teams based on Git

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks @emieljanson for hunting us! Hi Producthunters, we just released a huge update to Folio. This version adds support for the #1 feature request, team collaboration. Wherever you host your project, Folio will automatically sync and notify your team members when you create a new version. We're here to answer any questions and discuss the product. Learn more about what we built here: Protip: use PRODUCTHUNT on checkout today to receive a $10 discount!
Bravo Folio team. Will definitely be doing a trial run with my team on this one. Thanks for listening to our feedback!
Well done!. This really looks great!
Looks and works great; very impressed. Git is in my opinion one of the best and most solid systems to manage change. It should by applicable to anything. Design is a great first step. I really like the fact that you sell this application as a one time purchase. Why did you choose this pattern instead of a subscription service like you see whit most apps nowadays?