What wacky things would you do if the price was just right?

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Hey everyone! Cat here, 1 of the 4 creators of Fold. So excited to get our app out to everyone who loves a card and party game. Fold is the card game for iOS that allows you to find out what wacky things you and your friends would do if the price was just right. For the record, I (and we) *thoroughly* enjoy figuring out what things friends, family and others would do for a certain amount of money. I found it’s not only an ice breaker, but always strikes up a solid back and forth, and provides a good laugh (based on what price they are willing to fold at on certain tasks). Not to mention, a good way to determine if you should go on a second date with the person who is willing to twerk in front of your family for $500. *check please* So we said, how do we allow others to do the same? How do we make this fun to simply send to friends, family, partners, etc. and also twisted enough play together at a party or get together? And we’ve come up with what you see here! As of right now, you can: ⁃Connect via Twitter or Facebook ⁃Submit your own questions to be added for everyone ⁃See what your friends folded for ⁃Share each card you’ve answered Please let us know what you think of the app, what features you’d be interested in, and any questions you may have. If you’re on Android, let us know if you’d like to see this come to the Play Store! You can read more about the background and building Fold here. One thing before I wrap this up: For $3000, would you eat the hottest pepper in the world (The Carolina Reaper)?
@imcatnoone This is preeeeetty fun! I saw the web version a while ago and have kept saying when are we seeing the full launch! :) $10k to eat a slug - 😷 What are some of the weirdest and most wonderful things you've seen on here? What made you decide to go for the App angle rather than just web-based?
I was waiting for the public launch. Love the design. But most of all I love the font. I knew from the start that a product from Cat, Ben and the rest of the team would be 😍 The concept is pretty fun too. Congrats on the launch @imcatnoone, Ben and the rest of the team.
@agisilaostsaras Thanks so much, Agis! It’s been a really fun product to work on. Especially when our Slack chats end up asking each other if we’d do x for $?
@imcatnoone Oh, I see. Yeah, I can imagine the part about the Slack chats was really fun.
@bentossell Hey Ben! Thanks so much! I’m glad you're enjoying it. Would you eat the slug for $5k? I think it’s been equally as weird to come up with the questions and to see what others would do for money. I like to think I’m street smart and can hold my own, but if you put me in a room with spiders, I’m going to lose it. So to see some people easily agree to touch them for a sub-acceptable amount of money, I’m like 🤔 "Are you out of your damn mind?" haha We decided to *start* with the app angle for a few reasons: - We were interested in using React Native to quickly scale from iOS to Android if the request was there - We wanted it to feel as fluid as possible when you’re on your mobile device with your friends, at a party, sleepover, etc. We didn’t want you to need to worry about logging in on your mobile browser, if you don’t have a connection, etc. We said let's remove the friction. Now that doesn’t mean we won't have a web app at one point, but to start, it made sense to kick it off with iOS (and possibly Android)). - It also made it easier to implement (on our side) and access (as a user) things like adding new packs of cards and multiplayer (think Apple TV 😉)
Nice. Congrats on the launch @imcatnoone.
@williamchanner thanks so much Will!
Love this!! Giggled for at least ten minutes riding the bus this morning thinking about all these crazy situations. @rrhoover You need to get in on this! 😉
@lachlanjc hahah! Be sure to share some wonky cards!
Love this - would it be totally random to ask if you had considered a charity element i.e. crowdfunding said prices via app and if stated amount gets raised, user has to upload video carrying out particular task (if/where appropriate)?
@daniellenewnham Thanks so much Danielle! We certainly thought about what we could do, but that was not one of them if I’m being honest. But I absolutely L O V E this idea! <3 Wow! Just shared this and the consensus is this idea is (and I quote) "SOOOOO great".
@daniellenewnham just to repeat what @imcatnoone just said: This is SOOOOO GREAT! 😃Thanks for sharing your idea!
Definitely wouldn't streak in front of an officers house for less than $10MM.
@ghanbak think about that. If you were offered $1M right now? You wouldn't do it?!
@imcatnoone I've thought long and hard about this one.