Start spending bitcoin in the real world.

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Currently available in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, the UK, Ireland, and Hong Kong. ( Lets you spend Bitcoins at Starbucks and save 20%.) Also Fold is trying to bring Bitcoin discounts to Whole Foods and Target.
@emmanuelamber Thanks for the hunt! We're also in Macau and parts of Spain.
I've used Fold a half dozen times. It works great and I recommend it to everyone. Looking forward to the product expanding to other places like Whole Foods and Target!
Added to my Bitcoin collection:
Fold is awesome. I use it all the time at Starbucks (save 20% every time I buy starbucks). Using it at the cash register is faster than credit card. Amazing service.
Right now, you can save 20% at Starbucks at This summer, we're launching the native apps, including support for Target and Whole Foods, as well as a number of other retailers to be announced. We want to make bitcoin a consumer-ready experience, but we aren't there yet. Bitcoin addresses are difficult to use. Exchange rates are confusing. And, frankly, there's not enough reason for consumers to care about bitcoin in its current state. I think the discounts we're offering are a reason for regular people to try bitcoin. Now we just need to get the UX right. I'd appreciate everyone's feedback on the current UX and what we can do better in the coming mobile apps.
@mhluongo Just signed up for the beta. I might be able to help you guys with some UX stuff. :)
@ppkorevaar That'd be awesome. I'm matt *at* foldapp if you want to chat more over email.