Slack’s great for many things. For deep work? Not so much.
Channels need attention. Notifications abound. It can be hard to focus — Unless.
Focus Mode puts Pomodoro in Slack. It flags what you’re working on, enables ‘Do Not Disturb,’ and lets deep work happen.
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8 Reviews5.0/5
Hi Product Hunters! I basically live in Slack (it’s my day job with Geekbot!), and now my days have become a whole lot more productive since we created Focus Mode, an easy way to tell my team when I’m in proper ‘work mode.’ I hope you like it as much as we do, feel free to share your feedback.
<3 Love this product @humanworks
@kostas_alexoglou Thanks Costa! Let us know if you have any feedback :)
Love the animated gif and the idea of course.
Great, yet so simple, idea! Kudos!
That's what I need! Are you thinking of having a command for faster use or integrating it with task management softwares? (Please be Asana first!)
@christiansino So glad you like it Christian! A command is a nice idea, I'll take a note. As for integrations we are already building that both for Geekbot and Focus Mode
@humanworks That's great news! :)