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Hello Product Hunt! I launched Dehaze ( here a few months ago. A simple little tool that helps to find hashtags for Instagram. Since, I've had a great response, and taken in a whole lot of excellent feedback. The majority of the feedback wanted the hashtags to be more frequently updated, so now the operation will allow these to be updated every week. On top of this, the tags are drawn from Instagram's API, and then curated by photographers who have experience using them to reach their audience. The app is available on iOS, Android, or as a web application. Excited to hear any feedback from anyone, and share some future goals. The next steps for me are: developing a native keyboard for iOS; updating the app for performance; refining an algorithm that finds and ranks the tags automatically. Please let me know any questions, thoughts or comments. Thanks! Nick
@nicksmithr Good work and congrats on the launch of Focalmark! Been using Dehaze since I discovered it here in PH and use it every day before posting on Instagram. It sent valuable traffic to my account and I also discovered plenty of amazing photographers thanks to those tags. Downloading the app right now and looking forward to test it out tonight after work :)
@alexabian Thanks Alex! Been amazing to have you on board since day one. Let me know any comments on the app :D
@nicksmithr I was about to ask how this is different than Dehaze, until I took a moment to notice it was essentially Dehaze. Excited to use the app. Thanks for releasing it in app form.
Hey Nick, cool tool and would love to use this. But, search for style on the webapp seems not to be working for me.
@benkimotwichell Thanks @benkimotwichell — fixed this :)
Looks very cool!
@nicksmithr you know how much I love this. All of my customers are going to eat this up. Thank you so much. I also love the growth hack of including the focalmark hashtag. Good work!
@nicksmithr Been waiting for the iPhone App, thanks! Glad to see the AKQA homies comin thru.