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FLYX is the first streaming social network that helps all users quickly find what and where to watch through the use of a unique algorithm that focuses on aggregating reviews from friends, family and contacts that you trust most on content across all major streaming platforms.
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40 Reviews4.9/5
Kudos for the release, folks! Perfect app to find out what and where to watch from a trusted group of friends. Way to go. 👍🏼
@praval thank you for the feedback, would love to know what features will you like to see in future releases
Game changer for someone like me who gets tired of searching for the shows and ends up watching the same shows 🙂🙂 The app is so easy to navigate and so useful
@aayushi_mahajan - lol... thats the reason we made this product. We were tired of searching too and wasted a ton of time watching some bad content.
Btw the app is super addictive. I’m loving the story feature. :)
@aayushi_mahajan 100 % the story feature is amazing. Specially the part that let's me share a short trailer on instagram and snapchat. Amazing!!
@aayushi_mahajan yeah it's so easy 2 find ,no issue ..great job👍
Great work done here.
@neeraj_chauhan thank you very much, glad you like the product
Awesome product . Nice User interface
@gofornitesh thank you very much, your feedback is really appreciated
Amazing product.... Congrats to the FLYX team!!!