Easily find and book flights for weekend trips

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FlyWeekend is a web app to help discover and book flights for weekend travel.

Open on mobile to swipe right on your favourites and share with friends.

Michael Donohue
Nufar Galin
Christopher Hadley
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  • Pros: 

    Simple with great UI


    Can be a little bit glitchy

    Intrigued as to whether it will learn from previous holidays and swiping right for future recommendations

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Arun Sathiya
Arun Sathiya@arunsathiya · Happiness Engineer, Automattic
Tinder, but for weekend getaways! 💖
Tom Lang
Tom LangMaker@tjl9 · Founder at FlyWeekend
@arunsathiya Haha, exactly!
Tom Lang
Tom LangMaker@tjl9 · Founder at FlyWeekend
I love travel, especially those last minute trips that become possible when a free weekend comes up. When flights are as cheap as a train journey and such a variety of places and culture lie just a plane ride away, there is a lot of potential for weekend exploration! FlyWeekend was designed to make it easy to find and book those weekend trips. Simply select a weekend, a trip duration (1-5 nights) and any time restrictions (want to leave after work and get a full last day of your trip - no problem!) and you get a list of destination possibilities. Travel days are always selected to be the most cost-effective, so you can spend on that amazing restaurant visit instead! ;-) Want to get someone to join you? Destinations can be "starred" to create a list of your favourites, which can then be shared with your prospective travel companions. Open on mobile to "star" destinations by swiping right. Once you've decided where you're heading, booking is easy through Any feedback or suggestions welcomed. Happy travels!! (Special thanks to Rae Valters for help with the design:
Jamie Gordon
Jamie Gordon@jamie_ross
@tjl9 would of liked a feature that would include baggage costs, like Ryanair and easyjet add 50 to some flights
Tom Lang
Tom LangMaker@tjl9 · Founder at FlyWeekend
@jamie_ross Thanks for the suggestion - nice idea!
carlos garcia
carlos garcia@androidlove · Co-Founder, Internet Missionaries
Sucks gives no departure location
Mathias Sauvestre
Mathias Sauvestre@mathiassvstre · Hyper Founder
Damn, been looking for something like that for a while. Love it, bookmarking it, thanks !
valerii saytzev
valerii saytzev@valeriisaytzev · Future Elon Mask
Thanks for the good and useful application