Fly Cash

Expense tracking as easy as chatting

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Hello Product Hunters, I’m Anto from Fly Cash Team. Fly Cash is an intelligent expense tracking application. Its as easy as chatting. You provide simple text about your expenses, our app understands the context and convert them into expense and report. You say "🍕 10$" - app understand pizza for 10$. And you see report of 🍕 for the whole month. You say "Family Day out. Dad's dress 320. 🍧 10. Dinner 120. #Taxi 30$" - app understand it as four different expense lines and sum them together. And how about challenge your self on your expense of 🍕 🍺? We're always excited to hear from you! If you have feedback, questions, or concerns, please write here or email us at: or follow us on twitter: Thanks Anto
This is my next favorite thing
Really nice and not bored 👍🏻
Looks amazing!
Giving this a try right now. I've been using "Saved" and "Blinq" until now, but this looks really good. Dislike the app's icon though. Why's the Digits phone verification needed by the way?
@manuelauer Thank you for your feedback. Ya, we certainly will look into the app icon design again. When you create new topics and you can invite your friends into the topic, say for example "Road Trip". We use phone number for connecting you with other users. We are also looking at the other faster signup methods.