Communication and Collaboration Suite for Teams

With natively built key business essentials like Messaging, Audio/Video calling, Drive, Meetings, Tasks, Calendar, Notes, and Kanbans — we are on a mission to create connected & productive workspaces.
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Can't wait to have you on board @rish154 Our existing workspace analytics section may give you a decent idea on your resource allocation at the moment, but happy to discuss your thoughts and questions in detail. Let's connect?
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@akshay_badiger Oh nice! Sure, let's :)
Akshay Badiger
Head of Customer Success at Flujoapp
Namaste Hunters, Akshay from the Flujo team here. We are a group of designers, coders, makers, backpackers & rainmakers who came together to change the way you and your teams communicate and collaborate. With Flujo you can — Have one-one-chat and video calls with your teammates Create any number of teams for focussed discussions with your teammates and invite guests Create threads and search across messages without any limitations Schedule meetings with our native calendar Store any number of files with a native drive that offers 100GB of free storage Keep a track of your projects with native Kanbans Take notes and quickly share them with your teams Connect your favorite apps like Github, Bitbucket, Jenkins, etc to directly receive notifications in your teams and a lot more from a single and easy to use interface. Flujo will continue to be in Beta until late October this year and presently you will need a business email address to get started. We will start supporting generic email addresses in the coming months. We'd love to see how Flujo brings a difference in the way your teams communicate, adapt to your existing workflows, and most importantly — some feedback 🙏 Happy to answer any questions :)
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Great stuff @aayebee! Looking forward to using the product soon with my team. Love the design language :D Is there a manager view or something that might help with demand and resource management?