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Turn Your Favorite Web Apps into Real Mac Apps

3 Reviews
Tyler Miller
 +1 review
  • Tyler Miller
    Tyler MillerDesigner

    Turn any web app into a desktop app


    Some web apps like Google Sheets are too much for Fluid to run :(

    I always return to Fluid - recently, I tried to find a suitable Twitter Mac Client and in the end, nothing was better than a Fluid shell.

    I use it for FB Messenger, as Goofy had many problems. Medium, Bandcamp & Instagram work too.

    Tyler Miller has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Super useful app, can wrap many webapps, very easy to use, very stable


    Abandonware, (almost) no updates, dev ignores emails from paid customer

    This used to be one of my most used apps, still is to some extent, I use it for some web apps. But very unfortunately the dev abandoned it. Although the website says nothing of the fact, I think just one update was posted for the last couple of years and several emails with support questions / request remained ignored.

    RuslanI has used this product for one year.
  • Bernhard Huessy
    Bernhard Huessysustainability is a longterm gig

    everything about the simplicity


    I did try hard, very hard, there is nooooothing out-there to outrun Fluid...

    one app; that gives you the feeling of a nativ OSX app for each webpage you use, freedom of multitasking and extremely resource preservative. Who needs thanksgiving if you can download Fluid. @Fluid, many many thanks on a daily base actually.

    Bernhard Huessy has used this product for one year.