Fluid iOS Kit

A free design kit from Framer with customizable elements

Our Fluid iOS Kit is just that: adaptive, customizable and responsive across all devices. It contains hundreds of readymade UI elements and prebuilt native layouts. The best part? It’s available directly in Framer, which means starting a new mobile design is as easy as copy and paste.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Hey PH! We’re very excited to introduce another design freebie, created entirely in Framer. We’d love to see what you’ll make with it. Tag @framer on Twitter or on Dribbble to ensure it’ll be placed on our radar. Happy to hear your thoughts!
This turned out to be another beautiful one!
Hey all! We're curious to see what you'll create with this kit!
Great job!! 😊
any integration with mapbox designs or is it mainly to prototype and add in static images for placeholders?