Fluently is an online text editor with a multilingual translator, dictionary, and thesaurus built-in — all text editing and translating features in one simple tool.
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Let me introduce you to a new web-based tool for translations and content editing — Fluently. Fluently is an online text editor with a multilingual translator, dictionary, and thesaurus built-in — all text editing and translating features in one simple tool. You can use it to create a document in a foreign language while writing in your mother tongue. The idea for Fluently was born out of our own multilingual needs and experiences with writing. We both, @milberferreira and @sandercrombach, have worked in international teams, and live in multilingual families. Consulting various tools and websites takes too much time and makes multilingual text editing burdensome. We decided to tackle this problem! We are excited to share Fluently with you and hope you'll try out our beta. Let us know what you think, and we are looking forward to your feedback.
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@milberferreira Congratulations, this looks great. My only issue is that the meaning and essence of the message is lost in translation because language is a complex problem. That is why where the message to be delivered is very specific and important I would like to take an expert's help to ensure that the message is delivered across perfectly. Maybe you can have a premium feature where a proof reading is done by an expert in that language. All the best. Cheers
@rahulvats Exactly! We believe that Machine Translations still have a long way to go and that so far, no matter how advanced and sophisticated the algorithm is, Human Intelligence is still far above Artificial Intelligence. That's why we created Fluently, to get you started with a "more than decent" draft created by Neural Machine Translation algorithms, and then enable you to update the translated output to make it Human Perfect. Fluently is here to make your work(flow) easier, not to replace it 😊 Proofreading services is something we have in our roadmap but thanks for suggesting and reaffirming this is something users might find useful. Thank you!
Haha I was just about to publish my new App https://fluentlly.com I think i will postpone it for a few days to avoid confusion Don't worry, my App does something else... However I'm also using a translate feature - I would love to know what service are you using =)
@naveh_mevorach Hi, that's a coincidence. Thanks for postponing, we appreciate it :) I tried to visit your website but can't see anything. Would love to hear more about your app.
@milberferreira Your welcome! I just tried the link and its working. Maybe try: https://app.fluentlly.com Good luck with your product! Looks great. There was a similar product a week ago. It called Writty
@naveh_mevorach Ah, that works! Nice! Looks great. I'll create an account to check it out in depth. Yes, Writty seems to be a great app too. Thanks for sharing!
@milberferreira That posted on product hunt as well... Would appreciate your support =) (only if you liked it)
Is this supposed to replace word processing services like Google Docs and MS Word or translation services like Google Translate and Deepl? Or is it supposed to replace both?
@topazdoorway Awesome question, thanks for asking. We like to be humble in our ambition, but if all goes well, and we manage (through user feedback) to get a product that people would like to use every day to write their documents because they really enjoy working with it, it could replace both, now of course that's a dream 🙌 - At first we believe that it would improve the lives of those who do a lot of non-native language writing on daily basis, marketing teams in international companies, e.g. But a wider user adoption ambition is not off the board.
Wow. This looks amazing. I tested Arabic, English, Amharic and Somali. The translation is almost precise. Keep it up.
@kayd_yonis1 Thanks a lot! We are super excited and will keep on improving to make the quality even better. Thanks for your support. Stay tuned!
Looks amazing. I also tested English to Turkish, French and French to English, Turkish. The Translation for French and English are good but Turkish has a real problem. I believe you'll solve translation issues since you're in beta. That's an awesome tool, good luck!
@firatdogan Hi, thanks! Great that you are trying Fluently and even finding issues 😅. We'll love to hear your feedback so that we can make Fluently even better 👉 https://www.videoask.com/fpy89nddi
@firatdogan Awesome! Thank you!