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Sai Prashanth Soundararaj
@saip · Co-founder @FloydHub
Hi Hunters, I’m Sai, one of the cofounders at FloydHub. We're building FloydHub to be a “Heroku for deep learning”. We are in the current batch (W17) at YC. Thanks to @chrismessina for hunting us! 10 months ago, I was working at Microsoft and doing a lot of deep learning (DL) there. While the DL community is terrific, I was often frustrated by how difficul… See more
Chris Messina
@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
This is pretty awesome... the whole field of Deep Learning is becoming more and more accessible and easy to use. Here's the launch post on HN.
Samiur Rahman
@samiur1204 · Machine Learning Engineer
This is great @saip @narenst! Was trying to figure out what GPUs you guys are using (seems like K80). Definitely on par with all the cloud providers right now (GCP, AWS, Azure) but I'm frustrated that noone is offering the GTX 1080 or the new Titan X. Both of those cards are quite a bit faster than the K80s for Deep Learning. Would love it if you guys could … See more
Naren Thiagarajan
@narenst · Co-founder at FloydHub
Hello Hunters! I'm Naren, the other co-founder. We are very excited to see all the feedback so far, please keep them coming! One question for all: What Deep Learning frameworks / algorithms do you want to see on Floyd? Maybe something that you already use or always wanted to try but it has been difficult to setup / get started. And we will port them to F… See more
Glenn Gillen
@glenngillen · Investor in early stage devtool startups
So I'm probably a bit sensitive when it comes to Heroku comparisons 😉 But... Nice DX, what appears at this stage to be pretty compelling pricing, and a marketplace in the works too?! 😱 Wow. This is shaping up to be something very impressive. Great job team. I'm not really in the target market as I'm fine running infrastructure but a massive n00b when … See more