Flows by Stamplay

Lego for APIs

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Giuliano Iacobelli
@giuliano84 · Co-Founder, Stamplay
Hey Product Hunt! It’s great to be here again and present Flows! Stamplay is the Lego for APIs. An unified development platform with modules that abstract APIs, and a simple UI to chain together these modules as if they were lego blocks. It’s like if “Zapier and AWS had a baby”. https://media.giphy.com/media/26... The old fashioned IFTTT-like Tasks with … See more
Kam Nagra
@nagra__ · Founder of Dish & iOS Developer
This is awesome, like IFTTT on steroids 💪!
Paul M Boyce
@paulmboyce · coFounder &CEO http://PopcornMetrics.com
Awesome product. It's great to see the continued evolution the code-free services trend to help people get their job done with minimal or zero coding. Go Stamplay! cheers, Paul Paul Boyce, Cofounder & CEO http://popcornmetrics.com
Marko Ciric
@ciricmarko · CTO, trucktrack.co
I look forward to using this. In a world where SaaS products are more valued by the number of useful integrations, this is a savior!
Firas Al Mannaa
@firasalmanna · Android Developer, gistic
I used Stamplay, it is more than just a Baas platform. I really love it <3