UX planning tool for creating a visual sitemap


FlowMapp is online planning tool for creating a visual sitemap that will help you effectively design and plan a better UX for your websites.

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Daniil Brodovich
Ricardo García Vega
Jordane L.
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  • Pros: 

    I always wanted my sitemaps to look like they were created in Illustrator.


    Not sure about how to make Sections and content included in the Export.

    I created a beautiful site map with very little learning curve, really fast.

    I've already recommended it to my colleagues, and they've been asking about being able to export to WordPress, and how this compares with Slickplan in general.

    It would be great if it had the ability to import a sitemap from an XML sitemap file.

    It would also be great if I could work out how to export the Sections and content of sections.

    Trish Cupra has used this product for one week.
  • Anna Filou
    Anna FilouTech Geek, Web Designer, Illustrator

    Beatiful minimal page preview templates (many of them), easy to se, can export in image format and PDF


    PDF export doesn't work for me, kinda expensive

    I think it's a fair business model to allow having one sitemap for free and only paying for more but I find it kinda expensive to be honest :) 8 $/month for 5 sitemaps... In any case, a VERY useful tool, huge time-saver!!!

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  • Ivan Palii
    Ivan PaliiMarketer. Analyst. Strategist.

    UX, scaling opportunities


    Not found yet

    This a great tool to create architecture of the website. This is one of the most important and the first steps before launching any product/website. Thanks,guys, for awesome app.

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  • Pros: 

    Great tool for building informational architecture for web-project. Looking good and is user-friendly. Good job guys!


    Another tool in my project management and design workflows. Maybe think of integrations with other services, like Sketch, Invision, etc?

    Used Flowmapp for my latest project and I love it.

    Dima has used this product for one week.
  • Anthony Da Mota
    Anthony Da MotaI upvote things that matter.

    Beautiful UI, very easy to use.


    Always attempting to restore "connection".

    I've tried it for about a day, this is very good since the UI is very easy to understand.

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  • Pros: 

    Easy to use, good design


    Instability of connection

    Nice tool

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  • Eugene Shylov
    Eugene ShylovUX/UI Designer @ Ring Labs

    Allows build pretty architecture, attach files to screens, post comments and easily navigate.


    I can not add custom page covers. Attachments have no iconic preview and loose quality.

    Can not use this tool for building custom products, just for repeatable lo-fi workflow.

    Eugene Shylov has used this product for one day.
  • Nikita Vidineev
    Nikita Vidineevproject manager

    Very useful tool for managers and art-directors


    Sketch sync

    Thanks for this tool

    Nikita Vidineev has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    Looks appealing but not able to create even 1 project


    Can't create a project. It keeps saying I've exceeded the 1 project limit even though it hasn't allowed me to create a project.

    Not working for me.

    Moe Arora has used this product for one day.