Flow Immersive

Persuade through Data Storytelling

Introducing Flow Immersive, a data storytelling platform to better communicate data-driven insights to a non-technical audience.
Build or experience yourself at flow.gl. Flows work on all phones, VR headsets, computers, and in AR on the Magic Leap.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
The story or data you're trying to communicate has much greater impact with Flow. You absorb it differently than seeing data or a graph on a slide!
Hi everyone, we have been working tirelessly on Flow for years and are excited to finally go live with our Flow Editor and announce our capability to run in head-mounted Augmented Reality! We designed Flow to communicate best in every situation, be it reviewing a Flow on your phone at the airport, from the stage on a big screen, to being in-person around the conference room table interacting with a Flow. It has never been easier to build a data story with no coding required that works seamlessly across mobile, computers, VR headsets and AR headsets all with the same URL. We can't wait to see what people build themselves! Experience some for yourself at flow.gl
Finally a product that pulls mind numbing data and information together to give a non- technical managers the ability to make convincing arguments without spending hours understanding the data. A powerful tool for bring convincing truth to a presentation.
Amazing data visualization and data storytelling tool, definitely recommend making a free account and checking it out!